What are the Lisbon City Runners?

LCR is a new way to discover the city. We organize runs in Lisbon, covering the main sights with one of our Running Partners that will inform you all about the highlights.

Where do I keep my stuff during the run?

Your Running Partner will take a backpack and is happy to carry small items such as wallets, keys or cards. However, he’s not capable of carrying larger objects. If this is the case, you should bring your own bag. Our Running Partner cannot be held responsible for any damage to your property.

What happens in case of rain or bad weather?

Runs always happen; no matter if it rains or shines. Only in very severe weather conditions, the decision to cancel the run can be taken with your Running Partner at the Race Meeting Point. In this case, the runner will have a choice between a refund and reschedule the race.

How many runners will participate at the run?

Runs are personalized, so it will be just for you and your friends, if you choose.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. Without previous booking there are no runs.

Do the runs have stops?

The runs will be held in a comfortable pace. If necessary there will be a break during the run to catch breath, drink water or take a picture.

What time are the runs?

All runs starts at 7:30am during the weekdays, and on weekends, runs starts half an hour later at 8:00am. Runs are made in the city and after this time the traffic and people increases. Furthermore, the pollution levels begin to rise.

In what language do I speak?

Your Running Partner will talk to you in English, French or Castilian (according to availability). Please indicate the desired language when filling out your booking Form.