Running Tours

Lisbon City Runners

At Lisbon City Runners we are passionate about running and we want to show our beautiful city to all of you who share the same passion. Our Running Tours are for those who like to discover the city and do not like to skip their runs on vacation or business trips.

The Lisbon City Runners offer several running routes through the main and most attractive areas of Lisbon. Combine a visit to the city with jogging in the company of a Local Running Partner for a quick and original way to discover the Portuguese capital.

Known for its hills, Lisbon is a challenging city for runners, but fortunately there are many points of interest capable of justifying any difficulty.

Just follow the city pace. Run in Lisbon. Run with us.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not tour guides. We are Running Partners. We hope to show you our wonderful city, but our main aim is to get you running.